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  • Social + Emotional Intelligence

    The ISEI is an international learning and research organization.

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  • Coaches

    Coaches acquire an extensive, practical "tool kit" for coaching social and emotional intelligence.

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  • HR Leaders

    Employees join organizations but leave bosses. What's it like in your organization?

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    Want to create a better workplace? The ISEI can help.

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  • Interested Individuals

    Success in life and work is influenced far more by our social and emotional intelligence (SEQ) than by our cognitive intelligence (IQ)

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Welcome to the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence®, an international learning and research organization, and home of the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP®), the most comprehensive social and emotional intelligence assessment instrument on the market today.

At the Institute we offer monthly certification in social and emotional intelligence via online webinars, as well as coaching and assessment services to consultants, coaches, HR professionals, leaders and executives. 

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Click here to hear an exclusive interview of Dr. Laura Belsten by Xponents President Deb Siverson as they discuss Social + Emotional Intelligence:

 Listen now!

Click here to hear an exclusive interview of Dr. Laura Belsten by Xponents President Deb Siverson as they discuss Social + Emotional Intelligence:

 Listen now!

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I'm a COACH and I want to...

  • Grow my business; attract more clients
  • Earn CCEUs
  • Expand my coaching expertise, skills & knowledge
  • Extend my coaching engagements
  • Distinguish my coaching practice
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  • Become certified to use the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)
  • Support my clients at a deeper level
  • Attract more clients

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I'm an HR LEADER and I want to...

  • Retain our BEST employees
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Increase employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Earn CEUs
  • Reduce conflict and acrimony
  • Increase productivity

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I'm a BUSINESS LEADER or MANAGER and I want to...

  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • expand market share
  • increase our competitiveness and sales performance
  • improve customer satisfaction and retention
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  • retain our top performers
  • enhance revenue growth
  • improve our work climate, increasing employee satisfaction and engagement
  • develop higher-performing teams
  • have healthier employees and reduce health care costs
  • reduce dysfunctional and debilitating conflict in the organization

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I'm an INDIVIDUAL and I want to...

  • Have more satisfying personal relationships (friends, family, colleagues,co-workers)
  • Make better decisions for my life
  • Manage my emotional responses more effectively
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  • Grow my interpersonal communication skills
  • Manage conflict more productively
  • Master my stress
  • Be healthier
  • Increase my resilience and my enjoyment in life
  • Learn more about my impact on other people
  • Become more innovative and creative
  • Be a more effective leader, manager and team player
  • Read others' emotions more effectively
  • Become more intentional in my life and my work

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