Corporate Programs

The Institute offers customized social and emotional intelligence programs tailored to meet the needs – and corporate goals – of your organization. Our primary aim is to support you in enhancing organizational effectiveness, and in supporting the development of emotionally-intelligent leadership.

Corporate Programs

We design each program based on your goals for developing leadership skills and bench strength, enhancing corporate culture, increasing innovation and productivity, and reducing conflict and building trust in the organization.

Our customized programs typically entail three components: assessment (either the SEIP®-self or SEIP®-360), training (half-day, full day or two full days) and 1:1 coaching, though these components are offered based on the needs and desires of the organization’s HR leaders and senior executives.

We offer programs in three formats:

Workshops and Seminars

One of our certified Social + Emotional Intelligence Coaches®/trainers will come to your location and provide training for your internal executives, managers and others. Our training programs are lively, entertaining, with plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning and interaction. Workshops and seminars can be offered in multiple formats, including a half-day, full-day or two-day, and can even be offered as monthly “Morning Modules” or “Lunch ‘n Learns” lasting 1 ½ to 2 hours over the course of six to 12 months, with coaching of individual team members in between training sessions to reinforce the concepts of social and emotional intelligence, and ensure the learning is practiced in the workplace. Since the foundation of social and emotional intelligence is awareness of self and our impact on others, all workshop and seminar programs begin with an assessment, either the SEIP®-self or SEIP®-360. We strongly encourage ongoing coaching after the training to solidify the learning in day-to-day practice.

Our workshops and seminars are a great addition to any company annual retreat!

Private, Individualized Programs

These programs are designed to meet the needs of each individual executive, manager or leader. This program affords the opportunity for leaders to learn privately, discreetly, and with the support of a certified Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach®, using a series of 1:1 coaching, on-line videos, reflection exercises, worksheets, tip-sheets, mini-assessments designed to generate greater self-awareness, and much more to support individualized, self-paced learning. Each individual program is designed specifically for the individual executive or leader based on the the strengths and development needs identified in the SEIP-Self or SEIP-360 assessment. While self-paced, these programs, and the private coaching support, generally requires a six- to twelve-month commitment of time.

Corporate Training Program.

One of our certified Social + Emotional Intelligence Coaches®/trainers  provides online training for HR leaders, OE/OD staff, internal coaches and/or internal trainers, and your internal people developers become certified to use the SEIP®-Self and SEIP®-360. Participants are provided a PowerPoint presentation which can be customized to your organization and used in training.  The Corporate Certification Program is a unique offering designed to support organizations as they leverage the influence of social and emotional intelligence to improve employee engagement, interpersonal skill, and global productivity.  With this certification, business leaders can introduce, measure, and improve their organization’s universal social and emotional acumen, by administering, interpreting, and debriefing the Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)®.  Certification requires completion of a two day, three-hour training program.  We offer this training online with no up front fee.  Participation is open to all members of the leadership team and any employees that may be asked to debrief SEIPs®.  (It is important to not that this certification is distinct from our Coach Certification Course, which has a dual impact.  The Coach Certification Course certifies participants to use (administer, interpret, and debrief) SEIPs® and trains the Institute’s coaching methodology.  Participants leave the Coach Certification Course with the prestigious designation as certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaches® and recertification credits from ICF, HRCI, or SHRM.)  

What your teams will learn . . .

No matter which format you choose, your teams will learn:

  • How their behavior is impacting others on the team and in the organization
  • How to tap into the wisdom that comes from “listening” to their own emotional intelligence
  • How to become aware of their emotions and those of others - in the moment -- and
  • How they can use this information to manage their behavioral responses and manage their working relationships more effectively
  • How to become a stronger leader and manager
  • How to develop a more productive work environment (and profitable too!)
  • What their strengths and potential vulnerabilities are in the area of social and emotional intelligence
  • How to strengthen their communication and interpersonal skills
  • How to become more resilient and intentional at work and in life
  • How to better manage stress, anger, frustration and anxiety
  • How to enhance their personal power, self-confidence, and assertiveness, and how to give voice to their ideas
  • How to make better decisions in business, life, and relationships
  • How to manage conflict more productively
  • How to be a better manager, leader, colleague, parent, spouse, even friend!
  • How to “read” others and understand the emotions they are experiencing
  • How enhancing social and emotional intelligence will make them healthier individuals (and perhaps reduce the organization’s sick time and health insurance costs!)
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